Tuesday 27 September 2011

The latest artistic masterpiece......

So. Just a little update to prove it really is never-ending......

This is, luckily, only pencil. On our side table in the lounge.

Earlier on today, after school, I got the paints out as both girls enjoy that so much. After a while (and my boat on sea masterpiece) I went off to do some other cleaning/tidying (see, told you, I never stop...!). I foolishly forgot however, that I had left the box containing the paint bottles in the same room as Sasha. I came back just in time to catch her squeezing out a huge volume of paint - so all mixed up but fortunately into the paint pots and not on the carpet (which was just inches away at the edge of the mat).

So next, time for a play outside whilst I got tea ready. Within a minute, Sasha had dug up a substantial amount of mud, wiped it on the table and brushed it flat. All over. Her hands were black all over - I guess I should be grateful it wasn't up to the elbow, right?! Had to quickly interrupt tea making to rush outside with soapy water and towel, to make sure it didn't come inside, along with any muddy feet.

Just a couple more examples..... Her signature theme tune is, I've just decided, It Only Takes A Minute.
Ho hum. Gotta love her.


  1. glad to hear the carpet was safe... sounds like i have lots to look forward to as H gets older lol

  2. Didn't you have the kids draw on the carpet a while back?!? Lord, I think I'd be putting away anything that even came close to being used for writing!!!

  3. Oh dear, she sounds just like my Charlotte. I was s lucky wi my eldest she is so neat and tidy and only had a couple of mishaps with her. Charlottes only 18 months and the house is ruined. I think I've hidden all pens and other drawing equipment but she somehow finds them, oh well, perhaps we have a couple of artists on our hands when they've grown up.

    Tea and hot cross buns for you. Thanks for linking up.


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