Tuesday, 6 September 2011

HABA toys - top quality!

Some time ago, I was delighted to be asked to become an Ambassador for the Haba Mums Club.

I was sent some lovely toys for the girls to play with, in return for our honest views on what we thought of them. The Mums Club has a great website set up, where you can hear real mums talking about the toys. 

Here's a couple of pics of the first ones we had:

We were then sent another couple of toys, but what with all the end of term birthdays and summer holidays, I've been a bit rubbish and not managed to find the time to get back to them with our review of those. It's the next thing I'll do... honest. In the meantime I just wanted to quickly say that HABA toys are gorgeous - little on the pricey side, but fab quality and so well thought out. I'd definitely recommend them!

You can view their website by clicking here.


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