Sunday 18 September 2011

#Healthworkers - more needed! Please read and sign the petition.. takes seconds...

OK, OK, I know that actually I really need to get on and update my own blog with news of how school is going, but tonight I saw a Tweet (ooh, get me, all technological n stuff) which has prompted me to quickly write this.

Mummy From The Heart has written a brilliant post to create support for the #Healthworkers campaign.

In short, there is a severe drought in East Africa and not enough health workers. More signatures are needed on a petition to persuade David Cameron to do more about this. I'm not political myself, but I do believe that creating awareness is the first step to achieving anything, so I'd like to help spread the word and have added my own signature.

I'm going to also ask the following bloggers to join in, although I know they are all very busy ladies....
The A-Word
Looking For Blue Sky
Little Fella and Us
Aspie In The Family

But even if you are not named, please do click through the links and do what you can to help. It will mean  lot to so many.


  1. great that you have joined in :o) lets keep that message going! Great post xx

  2. Well done on getting on board so quickly! I had been wondering what the tweets were all about!

    (I like your 'Home working' take on SAHM;-)

    xx Jazzy

  3. thanks for taking the time, every little bit helps - the developed world has money, we just need to persuade them to spend it.

  4. Thank you for joining in, it was amazing having so much support from the bloggers at home!


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