Tuesday 17 January 2012

A BIG bath for a little baby.

This morning I attended a course about Early Support, the so-called provision/one-stop-shop for Special Needs in Hertfordshire.... which no-one knows about. Well, actually, some of the professionals do, but they seem unable to share with us lowly parents for some reason...

These kind of meetings are always useful to go to in case you can pick up valuable information from other mums - special needs activities, good private SALTs, phone number of a shrink (ha ha I'm joking there...!) etc. I always leave them thinking about all the other things I'd rather be doing with my time and how I'd rather not be having to go to that type of meeting in the first place... but ho hum, life is what it is.

Both the girls were on top form after school, happy despite being tired. They played beautifully with each other for a time whilst I was cooking a stir-fry for tea for me and my parents. The next thing to happen, as I dish up, is that Sasha comes into the kitchen, says 'mummy, can I help with your tea' and sits down at my seat where I had just put down my own plate! 

See the proof here .

She picked up my fork, and for one second I really thought she was about to tuck into pork stir-fry and rice. I think I may have fainted if she had! However she was more keen on just mixing all the rice in with the meat.....

I enjoyed a chat over tea with my parents (I've cooked for them twice now, that's truly amazing and was worth celebrating!), and then towards the end (6.50pm) Sasha appears back at my side and says 'mummy, I've got a surprise for you, come on'. She starts off up the stairs (at which point I start to think 'uh-oh, how come I didn't hear her go up there?!') and leads me to the bathroom.

Where I see this:
Phew, was my first thought. Amazing that she did manage to turn the taps off in time and we didn't have a flooded house! Also amazing that she didn't scald herself on the hot tap (it was a lukewarm bath, but that didn't bother her in the slightest). 

She was so proud of herself though that it did make me want to giggle, and it was lovely to think of her being so independent. She ran the bath because she loves her new Christmas gift from Nana and Bampi - the swimming baby in the foreground. It really doesn't swim very well, but she loves it anyway!

Next I walked into her big sister's room, where she had obviously been first, to find:

This is a magnetic sculpture (desk toy), one of Tamsin's Christmas presents which has given great enjoyment so far. There's about a hundred mini silver stars and moons which should cling to the black base.... it's not the first time I've had to pick them all up! Hmmmm, now where's that hoover??!


  1. Phew indeed! I thought for sure this story was to end in disaster... so cute that she's so proud to be independent!

  2. Thanks. I think she's cute too... but then I'm biased ;)


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