Monday 9 January 2012

I love my radio ......

I experienced one of those simple pleasures in life this morning on the school run; being able to listen to the radio in my own car. I had it on quietly and didn't make a big thing about it. As I don't drive anywhere that often without Sasha, other than the way home from school, I don't get that much chance to listen to my own radio.

This may sound silly, but it just shows how much control Sasha has. For a long time previously, she has wanted the same song played over and over again. Uptown Girl was the most recent choice; an old favourite of mine but it does lose its appeal after the 30th time - and I'm not kidding. Lately she hasn't wanted any noise in the car (not even talking!). If she says no music, then we have to switch it off. 

This could be due to her sensory issues, and the fact that extra noise clouds her brain, or the autistic inclination for repetition, but it could also be down to her need to be in total control. 

I know people think 'well you're bigger than she is, she can't reach the controls from the back, surely you can just leave it on', but it just doesn't work like that. If we didn't go along with her choice then it would lead to a total meltdown - screaming, crying and real distress, not just baby tears. There is a difference, but you have to live with it to understand it. The rest of the day would be a disaster, and on a school day particularly that's the last thing we need!

Poor Tamsin goes along with this calmly most of the time, and rarely complains. I'm sure she doesn't really understand why and it must seem very unfair to her too. Tamsin and I had a lovely time in the car over the Christmas holidays recently, when we drove about 45 minutes away to see my friend in a show - we had her new One Direction CD playing all the way there, and the new JLS CD for the way back!

So a minor pleasure and achievement to have had the radio on during our drive to school this morning. Sasha was very quiet in the back though, so I'm hoping it hasn't unsettled her too much...


  1. We have had the same DVD in the car on repeat since September. SEPTEMBER. There is no way on God's green earth am I going to change it or mess with it. It provides peace in the back seat and for that I am thankful. Although I am sick to death of Megamind.

  2. We are dealing with the same challenge right now. Our son has had control over the music played in the car, but I'm trying to regain a bit of control. Like you describe, it is very tough. It's often a choice between peace and loud screaming. But I've finally gotten him to be okay with taking turns... he chooses on the way to somewhere, I choose on the way back. When it is my turn, I've mostly been picking music that I know he wants to hear, but gradually trying to transition to things that are not his preference.

    I'm glad you had a moment of your own!

  3. Thanks Lizbeth, for confirming it's not just me who does it!! And Yuji, thanks for reminding me that we can change things; we just need to try when we're feeling our strongest and not expect it to happen overnight or easily!


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