Monday 2 January 2012

Day 2. Another roaring success! And the launch of my 366 pics blog.....

Amazing. The second day of 2012 has been another amazing day. All we did was go and play Crazy Golf - not very adventurous for some maybe, but another small miracle for us!

It started with Sasha deciding all of a sudden that she wanted to play golf. I'm guessing the sudden interest could well have come from Special Agent Oso, a bit like her fascination for Chinese New Year and chopsticks lately - we carried the chopsticks all the way to London and back yesterday!! She has these fixed ideas from time to time, and not all of them are possible to achieve, but as we had nothing else planned for today we thought we could give it a go. We looked up places near to us and found one a 20 minute drive away which we thought was worth a shot (excuse the pun!). Having never been before, it's always a bit of a risk not knowing what the facilities are really like.

It was a brilliant place. I'd recommend it to anyone for an outing - it's called Top Golf. The 'crazy' (actually called Adventure) course has 18 holes which are well landscaped, and a couple of those have the added excitement of water just to keep you on your toes. Sasha was happy so long as she was allowed to go first on every hole, and could then skip on to wait for us all at the start of the next. Not sure she'll make a career out of it yet, but she had fun trying on every hole and never gave up or got upset once. Tamsin, meanwhile, just honed her cheating skills and was of course delighted to be crowned overall winner of the day (out of earshot of Sasha of course!). Afterwards we sat on lovely comfy sofas by the bar and ordered some food and drinks - great service, and great quality food. Sasha also enjoyed a go on the table football although there were several own goals both ends... I'm actually thinking of going back on my own sometime, as it's a huge driving range and I reckon it could be a good stress reliever! But I'm sure we'll return as a family too.

The evening was another late one sadly, after Sasha's kamikaze attempt which involved the two armchairs, some very high swinging (apparently; we were out of the room at the time) and possibly forgetting to hold on. Her face was certainly smarting when we got to her and so a few more episodes of Dora were required to calm down.

I'm so delighted to have achieved two great family days out in a row. It's a shame daddy can't be off work every day! It's typical really that the school routine is fast approaching, when Sasha just seems to be reaching the peak of health and enjoying her time off. I just hope going back to the grind doesn't throw her too much...

Today I've started another blog, which is Stephs 366 pics. The aim is to post a picture every day this year, and even if no-one else is interested it'll hopefully be a lovely way of us being able to look back on 2012 at the end of the year, and maybe even to see how much the girls have changed. So please do feel free to follow/sign up for that too - I promise it'll be a lot less wordy than all my ramblings on here! 

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  1. What a great way to start the year! So glad you all had a great time.


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