Thursday 26 January 2012

A twirly skirt makes every girl happy!

I'm just posting this so that everyone gets a sore neck.

Joking. I did actually take a couple more videos the right way after this one, but neither was quite as good as the original. So you're stuck with this, sorry!

Sasha decided today to wear her new dress that has been hanging on her wardrobe door for the past few weeks. When I first bought this dress, she immediately decided it would be her birthday dress. As her birthday isn't until the middle of the year, I did inwardly groan, but knew there was no point forcing her or suggesting it again.

I just decided to leave it in view, just in case. Not that we've had the weather for it to be honest, but of course that doesn't bother Sasha. She told me a month or so ago that she doesn't like long sleeves.... boy I wish she'd been able to express that before I bought her winter wardrobe. She's been in a phase of not wanting to wear either tights or leggings for the past couple of months, but never complains of the cold. It takes me right back to one of the first things we struggled with. From the age of around 1 until she was 3 she absolutely refused to wear any socks at all. I would have to send her off to nursery when there was snow on the ground with just her boots on, no socks. Oh, bad mummy.

Anyhow although tights and leggings have been worn at various times last winter, they're definitely not on the agenda this year. Will see if that holds when it does actually snow...

Today she was so delighted to wear this dress, and do twirls in it, that it made my heart burst with love and happiness. It is a lovely soft feel jersey dress, and I'm so glad it's had at least one outing! It's so special, it's just perfect for Sasha. It's the simple things that keep us going......

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