Thursday 21 June 2012

Britmums Live - ready to jump off a doll's house!

So. BritMums Live! is tomorrow. The conference I booked myself a ticket for nearly 6 months ago (or so it seems). Finally upon me.

Am I prepared? Business cards printed, agenda sorted, made my list of who I'd like to meet and where/how, decided what to wear and what bag to carry?


Not even a clue so far as to what time train I need to catch, or where to head for.

Right now I should be sewing Brownie badges and nametapes on uniform for Tamsin who has a sleepover tomorrow night (helpfully at the same time I'm away, well planned there...). Sewing has been on the list of 'Things To Do' for a couple of weeks at least. It doesn't seem to have moved any nearer the top in that time - excpet right now it's jumped into the 'URGENT' pile.

And don't get me started on thinking about how I am going to manage Saturday afternoon's quick turnaround of train back from London, into Abba costume and taxi zooming into town to meet my 28 girlies for my birthday booze-up (well, it was my 40th, didn't I mention??!).

Ho hum. Having said all that, I'm so excited I could crush a grape!! Or rip a tissue! Or.. or... zzzzzzzzz. The tension is building so much I'm scared I may just sleep in and miss it all. Ha.

Anyhow, what am I going for and why did I book the ticket again I hear you ask?

Tomorrow Ruby Wax is speaking and I am REALLY looking forward to that. On Saturday Sarah Brown will speak and I'm REALLY looking forward to that too.

I'm so excited to have already arranged to meet up with a great mum whose blog I think is wonderful. I know I'm going to be able to say hello to the lovely Butterflies, and I've followed all of their blogs for a while too. It's a bit daunting, coz it's almost like you know people already but then really not at all if that makes sense?! 

I also finally need to get someone to explain the 'nofollow' rule to me.... 

And then there's the main reason I bought the ticket in the first place - to meet my old primary school friend, Nickie who blogs at She still lives up North, nearer to our hometown than I do, and she is now considered blogging royalty - should I curtsey when I meet her I wonder? We've not seen each other for *several* years now so I wonder if we'll get chance to talk about just the past or bring it right up to the present?! 

Of course, that's what's great about blogs - they give you a little insight into other people's lives. Love it. Or as the phone box I saw in London on Monday night said: 'Live. Life. Love.' 
I never did see what was round the other side, but I'd like to think it was 'Lots.'


  1. Oh my goodness!! The PRESSURE!! It will be FAB to see you again :-D I can't wait!!

    PS. I'll explain nofollow to you - it's dead easy!

  2. Happy birthday! And I hope you have a blast at the event.
    Feck the sewing...have you any superglue handy??? XXX

    1. Trouble with that is, I always end up getting it on my fingers....

  3. Ohh Happy belated birthday. How was Saturday night then? I hope you had a blast. Lovely to meet you at last.

    Mich x

    1. saturday was brilliant. Loads of fun, and no hangover the next day - top result!!


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