Saturday 9 June 2012

Define 'Normal'. Can you? What's yours?!

After reading the brilliant Define 'Normal' Blog Hop post from Renata over at Just Bring The Chocolate today (please read, it's very funny!), I really wanted to join in and share my 'normal' with you.

Our 'normal' is two gorgeous girls, who I've just been able to share a very special half term holiday with.

We popped down to our local pub at bedtime this evening - an unusual occurrence, but then it is our 11th Wedding Anniversary, so we thought we'd treat ourselves to a little drink, and treat the girls to some chips (again, naughty mummy).

The girls played beautifully together in the pub garden for an hour, with and without our involvement - on the play equipment, and just running, hide-and-seeking and kicking a ball.

At half-time Sasha devoured a huge plate of chips with a tiny bit of help from her family:

 And Tamsin stopped to take a photo of the two 'anniversary couples':

After the break, some other girls had appeared in the garden and were kicking around the ball. Sasha had no hesitation in going up to them and asking if she could join in too. Her request was definitely heard. Maybe it was the fact that Sasha's speech is a little unclear, or maybe the children just weren't all that friendly, but they stood still for a second and then all slunk away, leaving Sasha on her own with the ball. Sasha fortunately seem unperturbed and carried on kicking the ball alone.

I winced, and was instantly reminded of the fact she has autism. Those girls couldn't have known that. She may speak a little funny, but she can be understood. Autism is mostly a hidden disability. It's a spectrum, and every child on it is different. I was immensely proud tonight of how sociable Sasha is. At the good times, she's very easy going and amenable. I'm sure everyone at school, peers and teachers, loves her. I've also been extremely proud lately of how well Tamsin interacts with her and looks after her. Together they are my gorgeous girls, individually they are different and special characters in their own right. I think they're amazing. But then again, I'm biased.

Who, or what is 'normal' anyway? Everyone is an individual, everyone is special in their own way. Embrace difference and we'll all be a lot happier.


  1. Sounds like Sasha has more social skills than they did!

    What a gorgeous pub garden! And I wholeheartedly don't think that it's naughty giving the girls chips, it's not like you're boozing every night while they eat deep fried mars bars. Sounds like it was a really fun evening :-)

    1. yep pub is a lovely place, chips were good too :)

  2. Great pictures, and sounds like Sasha is coming on really well x

  3. Delighted to hear how well the evening went (with the exception of the other girls that is). The little things like a family meal in the pub, that so many people take for granted, can be really special. Happy anniversary by th way x x

  4. I really enjoyed this, but I'm raging about those little brats. Your girls are absolutely beautiful, and it looks like you had a lovely anniversary. May you enjoy many more of them! XXX

    1. Thank you. I like them but then I'm biased ;) it's OK re brats, skin is def much thicker these days!


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