Thursday 14 June 2012

Hello Queenie!

Today was a special day. Our eldest daughter Tamsin was selected to go off to see the Queen!

OK, admittedly she didn't really get that close, and there were hundreds of other school children there, but it was the excitement of the day that carried everyone along. She insisted on taking cucumber sandwiches as her packed lunch:

Apparently she loved waving her flag wildly, and laughing at the funny policeman who (allegedly) was cycling along on his bike not holding the handles and pulling funny stunts....???!!! Sounds like a good day was had by all!

I was pleased to be able to wave their coach off at school this morning (only because I had forgotten to take Sasha's water bottle in, so had to go back with it, ooops). Here she is on the top deck (right in the middle. I know you can't really tell, but I promise it is her):

Mostly though, I was pleased that Tamsin was selected to take part in this trip. Only 5 children from each class were chosen, and we were told that the teachers put the names of children who are consistently well behaved, cooperative and have a positive attitude to all areas of school life into a hat. So whilst there was some luck involved, it was a proud moment to know that they considered Tamsin to be one of those lovely children.

Of course that pleasure was tinged with a fleeting moment of realisation that even if Sasha had have been old enough (they decided not to take Reception children), it is extremely unlikely that she would fall into that group of children. Not that anyone thinks she isn't lovely of course, but I do think the words 'consistently well behaved' may pose a slight issue. It's not her fault though.

For me it was also warming to know that Tamsin would be getting a reward for her behaviour. A treat, to make up for the fact that her life is a bit more difficult than that of some of her peers. She couldn't go along to the local street party this year, we couldn't take her into London to attend the Jubilee Family Fun day or see the Flotilla, and there are many more times when we literally can't attend things other families take for granted. There are also those times where we try, but she has to watch as her sister is taken home - for example when we tried the Circus, or Fireworks Night etc. 

Next Month the Olympic Torch will pass through our town, but unfortunately Mr C will be away that day. I'd love to take the girls to see it, and I know Tamsin would appreciate it, but to Sasha the crowds, and the cheering, and the waiting around would all be a nightmare. With only one adult, that means we're unlikely to stay the distance - it's really not an option to keep Sasha there against her will. I know several adults who would say that they are in charge, and therefore Sasha would have to 'like it or lump it', but they are the ones who don't understand. Who have never spent a significant amount of time with Sasha. She doesn't do it to be awkward; the noise and the excitement build-up and the lack of understanding all cause her more than minor issues.

I understand. Of course I'll be disappointed not to see the Torch myself, and I didn't particularly want to sit on a wooden bench in the foyer of Wembley Arena while Daddy and Tamsin watched Disney on Ice, but I've learnt to get over these things. It's not the end of the world. But for Tamsin it doesn't necessarily make sense that she has to miss out. That's why I'm so pleased that today was a special one for her. She deserved it.


  1. Hooray! So glad that Tamsin got to enjoy such a special day! You are absolutely right that she really deserved it.

  2. That's so good...and I really wish all policemen did that. The crime rate would go right down XXX

    1. tee hee, you're right. Lighten up coppers! ;)


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