Tuesday 12 June 2012

Dum, de dum dum...... Techie Whizz, moi?!

Sometimes, just sometimes, I have to laugh at my own stupidity.

Today I took a trip into the big City to get my lovely little phone looked at. The camera has been playing up for 3 months or so, freezing just at the moment when I have the perfect shot. It eventually kicks back in, but it is very frustrating to miss all those photo opportunities.

So today I finally got around to do something about it. I booked an appointment at the lovely big store in Covent Garden, turned up on time and was seen promptly. Customer Service is just brilliant; am sure a lot of companies could learn from them.

I was offered a replacement phone or a replacement camera instantly with no quibbles. I quite like my phone as it is, so I decided it would be worth a try replacing just the camera at first, and if that didn't work then a new phone would be mine (see, I'm not greedy).

My phone reappeared very quickly with the new camera fitted; we tried it and all seemed fine, so I shook the lady's hand and toddled back off to the tube station.

Once on the tube platform I thought I could take a photo to mark the occasion for my 366 pictures blog (click HERE to see that one!) and so I whipped my phone back out of my pocket, pointed, and.... saw this:

I clicked a few times, but was still getting the same bluey pinky tinge, and so as the tube pulled in I had to quickly decide if I had enough time to return to the store instantly before school pick up, or if I'd need to book an appointment to return on another day.

As I was still just about there (although at this point I'd paid for a tube trip I wasn't going to use), I legged it back to the shop (typically that tube station has a lift you have to wait for, which annoyingly hindered my progress somewhat), ran up the stairs and insisted on jumping the (rather long) queue for help, to try and see the same lovely lady and explain that the new camera was not working. I was shown to a seat and assured I would be seen urgently. Then I looked at my phone again.

Strange, a text came in, but the ringer volume wasn't on. And the buttons to turn it up didn't seem to be functioning properly...... oh. My lovely purple case appears to be on upside down. Must remedy that. Aaahhh, I see there is a hole at one end on the back of the case for the camera to peep through.... Ahem.

Cue a very speedy exit from the shop, stopping only just long enough to apologise profusely for being an idiot. Go on, you can all laugh now.