Wednesday 15 October 2014

Amazing Swim Achievement at Center Parcs

Recently we had a weekend away with friends to the new Center Parcs at Woburn Forest. Sasha has loved our previous visits to Center Parcs in Sherwood Forest; the swimming pool is always the main attraction. We weren't sure how she would take to the new place as it has slightly different facilities, but we needn't have worried; she took to it like a duck to water (pun intended!).
sasha with goggle on at center parcs
Sasha was always a water baby and loved being in the water for as long as possible when younger (still does!). We have tried some swimming lessons with her but with limited success as she has never been able to join in with group instructions. It got to a stage where all her peers had moved on without her and Sasha struggled to do what the teacher was asking - mostly out of fear of change, not fear of the water.

Over a couple of years she has managed to teach herself to swim; small baby steps, at her own pace, and when she was ready to push herself. We've been incredibly proud of how she has managed to do this, and relieved too.

This weekend she surpassed herself. She managed to put her whole face in the water (whilst holding her nose and wearing goggles), something she has never been able to do before. Even better, she then felt motivated enough to start swimming whilst doing that - our baby was swimming underwater!

It didn't stop there though; after just a gentle suggestion, she felt brave enough to let go of her nose, and before I knew it she was swimming underwater, a fair few strokes, without even holding her nose! Then she did it again.... and again and again. Now we've been made to promise we will take her swimming locally this weekend so she can try it again in a new setting. Amazing.

The secret to all of this? Leaving her to do it in her own time, and taking her to a place where she felt really comfortable (Center Parcs) and could enjoy a long stint in the pools three days running. Oh, and the fabulous slow moving Lazy River may have given her a little boost. Long Live the Lazy River I say!
girl in water with aqua jet
Meanwhile our other equally amazing but slightly bigger water baby was enjoying trying out the Aqua jetting - being pulled under the water by a motorised object. So glad they both love the water. We all love Center Parcs!

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