Monday 26 January 2015

52 Week Photography Challenge Week 3 & 4: Simplicity & Light.

So here's a surprise... I'm already behind with the 52 week photography project and I've actually missed a week! I did start off a little late with the whole project though, so it was always on the cards.

If I'm honest, I struggled a little with last week's challenge - Simplicity. Every time I went to photograph something, such as my lovely Poinsettia plant which lost all its green leaves so only has the beautiful red, I couldn't see simplicity, I just looked at the great detail - veins on the leaves. Everything I tried to snap led to more thoughts for me! Anyhow I did have one picture which I wanted to use for Simplicity in the end - it's below and I won't talk about it so it stays simple...

Week 4's word is Light.

I knew I'd find this easier; light is all around us of course! So this morning, whilst sitting at my desk and realising suddenly that I still had the blinds closed at 10am, I opened them then popped my head out of the front door and snapped this:

I think it's quite a spooky looking pic, and you might think it was taken later in the day but it was definitely 10am. I've always loved bare trees with hundreds of branches in winter and it feels to me like they are holding the sun up; if I was to do this shot again I'd probably take more time to try and get the roofs out of the way!

I love that Mummy B's challenges are making me pick up my fab new camera, which is a Nikon D3200 as recommended by many. One of these days (months I suspect) I will learn how to use the settings to create amazing photos I hope!