Sunday 25 January 2015

Team Honk Red Nose Day Danceathon

Every once in a while, I sign myself up for something without really thinking it through. 

Spontaneous, I like to call it. Others might say crazy.

Me, front centre stage, shaking my stuff as part of a secret flashmob

Have you heard of the fabulous Team Honk? Last year they raised over £30k for Comic Relief by doing a bloggers' relay from Lands End to John O'Groats, and I was very proud to have been a part of that. So when I saw that they were arranging a new challenge for bloggers as part of Red Nose Day, I jumped straight in, feet first. 

Dancing, at Wembley? Well, I'd already learnt a whole flashmob dance routine last year, so I figured that a 6 hour Danceathon would be right up my street. 

What, wait, what??! 6 hours? SIX hours? That was the small, but important information my eyes must have skipped over when I recklessly signed up to this event. 

So I had a little wobble, and wondered whether I could do it, and then figured I'd never find out unless I gave it a go. However, there's the small matter of raising some sponsorship money first.... I don't think I'm going to start any dance training until I see some decent £££ in my total, so please, please help me build up to this fab event properly by popping over to my sponsorship page and donating any amount you can, and I will be forever grateful:

Betfair have already pledged to help kickstart my fundraising, which is very kind of them, but every little extra still helps massively!

As always with Comic Relief, the money donated is spent on a huge variety of causes both at home in the UK and in Africa, so you could be helping children get to school, or people with Alzheimers receive much needed support, or providing funds for a new medical centre to be set up.

You can read more about what is actually going to happen over on the official Red Nose Day page, but I can tell you that on Sunday 8th March there will be 2000 dancers in the Arena (500 of them Team Honk Bloggers), 6 hours and 12 different dancing styles which will change every 30 minutes (I feel tired already). The lovely Claudia Winkleman will be motivating us all from the stage, along with various other celebrities and dance instructors. Even better than that, it will all be live streamed to a Sky channel - yikes, I hope they don't do any close-ups!

So if you feel like dusting off your dancing shoes and joining us (you don't even have to be a blogger!), pop along to Team Honk's page ( to find out where to sign up.

If you see any tweets or Facebook posts with the hashtag #RNDDanceathon, please do retweet and share to help @Team_Honk smash their fundraising target.