Monday, 5 January 2015

We made a Nyan Cat outfit for Stampy!

Have you heard of Nyan Cat?

If not, then I suggest you definitely don't go and google it.

It has amused my children and Mr C; me, not so much. 

So anyhow, today, on our final day off before the dreaded Back To School, we have been crafting away at a Nyan Cat outfit for Stampy and Lotus.

That's one phrase I never thought I'd say. 

It is exactly what the girls wanted to do on their last day of freedom though, so make one we did. It involved a trip out to the not-so-local craft store, where we had to make two toilet trips separately to the nearby Toys R Us, and yet they behaved impeccably (well, almost), not doing their usual pleading for everything in the shop (to be fair, I had pre-warned them that this behaviour would be frowned upon. Sometimes they listen to me).

The finished Nyan Cat outfit looked amazing, if I do say so myself. Sadly the cats were none too impressed and not overly happy to pose for a photo, as you can tell from below:

I've never seen Stampy move so quickly.
Here, in full technicolour, I give you the 2 second clip of Stampy Nyan Cat. Please watch. Seriously, it's funny.

Sadly the hilarity wore off at bedtime though with the realisation of Back To School looming. 'Mummy, I don't want to go back to school, why do I have to?'. 'But I don't like learning!' 'It's boring there.' 'I really don't like the work.' 'I can't do the work like the other children.' 'I don't want to be there.'

Sigh. Autism sucks sometimes.


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