Friday 6 October 2017

BAPS Awards 2018... what on earth are they?!

Super excited over here today because hot on the heels of my recent cruise ship tour comes the news that nominations for the BAPS awards are now open!

So what are the BAPS, I hear you say? To some it might conjure up images of bread rolls, whilst others might perhaps think of those body parts that mums feed their babies with.... Well, let me tell you more.

BAPS was the brainchild of the super inspiring Debs who writes her blog at Chaos in Kent, and BAPS stands for Bloody Awesome Parents Awards. The My Family Our Needs website explains more; that they are for parents and carers who blog about their children with additional needs.

Like me, Debs has been blogging for what feels like a very long time, about her family. There are actually many amazing bloggers writing about their families with children with complex needs, and these awards are a chance to recognise and salute them all.

The BAPS first took place last year and there were some pretty amazing winners, along with an inspirational host in the form of Sally Phillips who has a son with Down's Syndrome. You can read more about last year's awards and winners on the Bringing Us Together page

Last year I helped judge one of the categories and I was proud to be involved. Sadly I couldn't attend on the awards night itself due to a rather important and stressful house move at that time. I was disappointed because I so wanted to meet all these passionate bloggers who manage to move other people with their words whilst also dealing with challenging days and nights themselves.

I was over the moon to hear that the PDA Society had won the award for Best Practical Support for Families last year. They have obviously helped so many, including me, and the recognition was well deserved.

This year I am judging the Best Community Blog category along with some others, but I'm sure you'll be delighted to hear that that doesn't preclude us from being nominated in other categories #justsayin'. The list of categories is: 

Best Newcomer (I don't fit here, shame...!)
Best Microblogger - for those who use social media sites such as Facebook to tell their story
Blogger Making A Difference
Best Practical Advice for Families
Most Entertaining Blog
Most Supportive SEND* Blogger
Blog Post that made the biggest impact
Best non-parent Blog Site to write for

So if anyone out there does appreciate what I'm doing (she says, squirming in her seat because I don't like asking for things) then feel free to follow this link and pop my details in...  the link for nominations can be shared too! 

If you'd rather vote for someone else I won't be offended at all; in fact I know there are so many amazing bloggers out there that I'd like to see them all get a mention. If you're not sure who you'd like to nominate, then there is a fairly comprehensive list of SEND bloggers** on the Bringing Us Together website, all of whom would be very worthy winners in my eyes. 

Having just found out that the guest compere for this year's BAPS ceremony will be Gethin Jones, I reckon we are all winners anyhow.....

Happy voting!

A recent pic of Steph's Two Happy Girls. Remember, it's all for them.... ;)

*SEND = Special Educational Needs and Disabilities. Just a term which brings together a group of parents and carers of children with various complex needs.
** If you would like to be added to this list because you also blog about your child with additional needs in some way, do get in touch with Bringing Us Together.

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