Monday 30 October 2017

The Monday Motivation Linky #8

Time for Monday Motivation again, week 8 and I have a feeling I will never run out of ideas for this. Every week I struggle to say just one thing.

This week I'm thinking about our youngest more than ever. It's not been the easiest of half terms, but there have been some definite highlights.

All the other children are now back at school though, and Sasha is left in a limbo land, until the next decision about her life is made at the end of November. We've not discussed it much; she wants to be in a school with other children like her and she's waiting for me to tell her that's possible. There were other quotes I was going to use this week, mainly along the lines of standing alone and better to not be in a crowd of the wrong people but then I decided I wanted to be more positive. I guess if I want to put one idea in her head, it's this one.

picture of Sasha alone by a lake

'Believe in yourself, and you will be unstoppable'

This goes for our eldest daughter too. I think we need to give them both the confidence to know that they can make their own choices in life and succeed, that it's in their hands. We're just here to hold their hands along the way.

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