Monday 9 October 2017

The Monday Motivation Linky #5 - 9/10/17

Some days, it can be very difficult to pull yourself together and make a start on what needs to be done. Motivation is hard to find when all the challenges seem to be stacked against you.

Last night though, I came across a tweet which gave me renewed energy:

Every child does indeed have the right to an education, and it has to be one which is suitable for them. Not all children can learn in the same way. 

My children are my motivation and I will do the very best I can, for both of them.

I would be so happy if you enjoy reading my blog and would consider nominating me in the BAPS blogging awards - nominations for me or any other amazing SEND blogger can be made on this page:

Full details on what BAPS are in my recent post 'What on earth are the BAPS?'

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