Monday 11 December 2017

Monday Motivation #15 - Snowflakes

Super quick post from me to bring you this week's Monday Motivation - number 15 already, time flies!

This week's chosen words are:

'We are all like a snowflake - all beautiful in our own different way.'

Instagram fans will know that we had a big snowfall here overnight on Saturday, so yesterday was an unexpected snow day and we were delighted to make it out of the house with Sasha. If you've not been following Instagram I definitely recommend you go and check out stories (the little circle at the top) - so much going on in our lives and most of it goes on there! But be quick, the videos there only stay up for 24 hours...

Sasha didn't quite manage to walk as far as our eldest (to a small hill for sledging), but she loved being out for a short time, and loved eating the snow (does anyone else do that?!).

As per my post on Facebook in the evening though, her enjoyment sadly slipped into anxiety in the afternoon - too much snow, she thought, and then worries about blizzards and snow melting to cause floods crept in. Sasha has begun to worry more generally as she gets older, and natural disasters seem to feature highly. It's a good job we don't live anywhere with extreme weather! The anxiety is no laughing matter though, and something I am keeping my eye on.

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