Monday 18 December 2017

Monday Motivation #16 - Christmas Rest

Monday again and time for some motivation.. but first, that means only a week to go until the Big Day! Eeek. Are we all ready?! Excited?!

For various reasons, there are sadly many people who are struggling to cope with the festive period. Personally I love it, but I do understand why it can be extremely difficult for some. If only it was as easy as spreading some Christmas cheer; I'd go out on a sleigh myself if I thought I could help.

So my thoughts this week go out to those with struggles, whether classed as minor or major.

'Hang on in there. Rest if you must, but don't you quit.'

As I wrote in my last post, the build-up to Christmas in this month of December is being felt keenly by Sasha. Lots of people responded in agreement that early present opening was the way to go if needed to defuse the tension. It was good to see such solidarity on this matter and I hope it has given some renewed belief in their own way of doing things. 

I'd love to be able to say that the decision here made all the difference and things have been much calmer since... sadly the pressure was only relieved for a day or so and we are back to a heightened state of anxiety and tension. So more strategies have come into play, some of which I can't expose just yet. Fingers crossed we are on the home straight and can now make it to the 25th though.

I'm host for this week's Monday Motivation Linky and that means I'd like to share with you my two favourite posts from last week's selection.

Rainbows Are Too Beautiful told us about her family's visit to a Santa's grotto. We've moved on from attempting this, we managed a couple when the girls were younger but it was always a struggle. I also loved Kelly's post about giving the gift of Presence at Christmas - pretty sure many of us could try harder with this.

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