Sunday 7 January 2018

Living Arrows 2 {2018}

Here's my second Living Arrows entry - I've decided to publish these early, at the end of each week as I'm trying to carry on with the Motivational Monday posts too and don't want to double up. 

First week of January, nothing too exciting has been going on, but there's always something going on around here! Eldest went back to school on the 3rd, which felt way too early and both Sasha and I missed having her around the house. 
Sasha in wind on hill

Some stormy weather arrived and Sasha was keen to get out in the wind to a favourite playground of hers. She loved the windy hill, and had fun making me go on the zip wire!

I was a bit sad to take all the decorations down; we had such a lovely Christmas with my family here and I didn't want it to end. Feels weird thinking that Christmas 2018 is only eleven months away now though; so much planned already that I'm sure this year will whizz by.
Real Christmas tree

Bye bye Christmas trees, you served us well!
Fake Christmas tree

We've also been excited by the newly launched Happy Meal toys at McDonalds - how did they know that Pokemon is Sasha's favourite subject right now?! A very kind friend donated Squirtle, and then today Sasha has been out swimming with her Dad and back via the fries shop, so she is now the proud owner of Pikachu too! Apparently there are 16 to collect in total, groan. Let's hope we catch them all before they go again in February!
Squirtle McDonalds toy

Living Arrows

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