Monday 22 January 2018

Monday Motivation: Rainbows

Doesn't everyone love rainbows? I've always loved them, still excited when I see one, even at my age.
rainbow over lake
Isn't this a gorgeous photo? Taken by a man called David Grimes, at Yellowstone Lake

Of course now rainbows have taken on a bigger significance in my life, with the rainbow being a universally known symbol of the autism spectrum.
We've also got to know and love Rainbow Dash, as My Little Pony was one of Sasha's special interests for quite some time (she's moved on to Pokemon now!)
Rainbow Dash toy

Recently I came across this phrase on A Life Less Ordinary With Autism's blog and it stuck in my mind:

'To get to the rainbow we have to have the rain...but when the rainbow appears it will be so bright and beautiful that all the rain will have been so worth it.'

It reminds me of the very first quote I used to kick off the Motivational Mondays series:

'Life's not about waiting for the storm to pass, 
it's about learning to dance in the rain'

This is still one of my favourite sayings ever, and it feels very fitting right now. If someone could just help find me some energy to do that dancing...

Last week's linky had some fantastic link ups. Liberty on the Lighter Side taught us how DO is DOUBT without the BUT and Raisie Bay posted about how she is feeling more positive now the medication seems to be working better - great news!

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