Monday 8 January 2018

Still waiting for school decision

This first week of January has been a difficult one for Sasha, partly because she's seen her eldest sister go back to school. Sasha is longing to be in school herself and has been frequently asking me for a date when she can start. This calendar was in her stocking and of her own accord, she has decided to cross off the days as a count down to when she might begin at her new school.
Pokemon calendar

Sasha desperately wants to be able to circle the day when she can start, or at least go back for another look around. Today she has put her first circle on the calendar; sadly though, it's not because we've had any news. This circle is just about a trampolining session for home educated children, which said we could try in the hope it might take her mind off things.

Back at the beginning of December (yes, that long ago!) we were delighted to get the news that our LA (Local Authority) had agreed with our choice of school for Sasha. I posted an update via Facebook Live on my Blog page because I was so thrilled to have been given good news.

What I didn't know back then, was that there was more to the process than I knew about. What we know now, is that after this first 'yes', the paperwork then gets sent to the school and they have 14 days to reply to the LA with their decision about whether they think they can manage that child's needs. Due to a small administration error originally, the date for the school to reply about Sasha ended up as the 23rd December.

Of course by this point the school had broken up for the holidays and so it was inevitable that no information was forthcoming. I resigned myself to news in the New Year, and here we are, waiting patiently. I say we; Sasha and the word patient don't really go hand-in-hand. 

To be fair, Sasha hasn't talked much about her future since last attending school in June last year, and seeing as we didn't have any answers for her, I've been very grateful for that. Now though, her need has become immediate and she's asking me for an answer every single day. More than once. Keep your fingers crossed for us folks that a positive response finds it way here soon!

I guess everyone is probably wondering what all this has to do with Monday Motivation..... more often than not, the motivation ideas are as much for me as for anyone else reading! So this week I'm going with these words which have been sticking in my head lately, and which I'm desperately hoping to be true:
Frosty flower with motivational quote

'Good things come to those who wait'

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