Friday 16 February 2018

Fri-yay park fun

Happy Fri-yay everyone! Today started off being a bit of a 'meh' day, as I seemed to be stuck behind the computer - first dealing with issues with most of our iTunes library disappearing (still not resolved, sigh) and then a good hour spent trying to find school shoes for Sasha online. It improved though, as you'll see from this photo:
Stephs Two Girls in park Feb 18

We went into Clarks earlier in the week and had a slightly bizarre experience where the guy tapped in the measuring numbers to a machine, the numbers told him that Sasha was a 'C' width fitting (ie extra narrow) and he said 'oh no, that'll be wrong, she'll be an E or an F'. Funny thing was, he'd done the same for our older daughter the week before... My girls have always had narrow feet (they can blame me for that) so I know the machine was right - I wondered if he was just trying to sell us any old shoes as they don't stock many in a narrow fitting..

As it happens the only shoe they had in stock in store in Sasha's size lengthwise (he brought out an E anyway) was one with a buckle on. It's not that Sasha can't do buckles, I'm sure she could if she wanted to. There is zero chance of her wanting to take the time to do something fiddly before going to school in the morning! So shoelaces are also out of the question.

The straps with velcro are the only option for us. Now Sasha is a size 5/38 and it's assumed girls of a certain age/size will want slip on shoes, so there aren't many decent styles with the straps. So I've had to order 6 different pairs online (ranging from £35-£55) and we'll see what fits when they arrive. Not holding out much hope for the generic ones which come in a standard width fitting, but we don't have much choice!

Anyhow, that done, I decided we had to get out of the house. The girls were still in their pyjamas (it was 2pm at this point) and not exactly keen on the idea... but I was determined and luckily they didn't put up much of a fight! I chatted with Sasha about where we might go just for a blast of fresh air, and pretty much everything I suggested she said no to, but then couldn't think of anywhere herself.

What swung it for us so far as getting out successfully, was that it is half term and so older sister is home. Once Sasha knew that her older sister would come out too, she was happy. I'd be lying if I said that older girl didn't ask for some kind of extra remuneration for being so cheerful and helping me get Sasha out.... got to admire her negotiating skills though!

And so, once Sasha was happy and said we could go anywhere I chose, I took them to a new park and playground we'd not been to before. And, despite there not being all that much there, we had a ball. I mean, we came home with one very muddy, ripped coat - something to do with older girl and a zipwire that's a little too close to the ground - but we laughed our heads off for an hour or so.

This was one of those very rare happy carefree occasions that will put a smile on my face for months to come. 
Stephs Two Girls park collage Feb 18

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