Monday 25 March 2019

Siblings {March 2019}

Running a little late with my Siblings picture this month - but I'm a firm believer in 'better late than never'! Like pretty much every other month, I wasn't sure whether I'd be able to get a decent photo of the two girls together or not.
Steph's Two Girls, Siblings photo, March 2019
Luckily, we grabbed a moment when Sasha was in a good mood; she loved being chased around the house as I tried to take her photo. I wanted the girls to stand side-by-side as they are pretty close in height - Tamsin is almost as tall as me now, which is quite amazing!
I'm sure she will overtake me in the next month, and Sasha won't be far behind.
Steph's Two Girls playing Swingball
We had a good weekend. Sasha attempted roller skating again but found it too busy still even though it was much quieter than half-term (more details over on my Facebook page). Time to renew my focus on setting up a sensory friendly session at the rink. I was proud of how well she got over that disappointment though, and in the afternoon on Saturday the girls made the most of the lovely weather by having some fun in the garden with our Swingball set. I ran around like a paparazzi, trying to make use of my 'posh' camera, and I did manage to get a couple of photos which I loved:
Sasha with large bubble

Tamsin hugging cat
Then on Sunday afternoon we spent even more time in the garden - this time mostly on the trampoline. Lots of good old belly laughs were had by all, and I even managed to bounce for longer than five minutes before I had to excuse myself! Sasha refused any selfies with her mum today but her big sister obliged. The cat kept us entertained too...
Steph's Two Girls on trampoline

Steph and Tamsin belly laughing

Mickey cat trying to jump from tree

The Siblings Project - Dear Beautiful

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  1. Your girls look so much like you! They are growing up fast!
    It looks like they have been having great fun in the garden x

    1. It's funny how we generally make babies who look like us, isn't it?! :D I do wish we could slow time down a bit :/


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