Wednesday 16 October 2019

Siblings {October 2019}

Time for the monthly Siblings update here but I do wonder if I might have to quietly let go of my hope of carrying this on for much longer...
two girls with ipads in front of faces
Tamsin was happy to pose for a photo but Sasha was insistent that her face should not be seen this time. Sigh. Only two more months until the end of the year (eek!) so hopefully I can stretch it to fill those. Then that will have been five years of happy monthly memories and anything else is a bonus I guess!

stephs two girls on sofa oct siblings
I love it so much when the girls play happily together. This photo was actually from last month so I'm sneaking it in here. Minecraft seems to be the one thing they can bond over and it's great for Sasha to be able to spend quality time with her big sister. Teen has plenty to fill her time, from friends to homework to out of school activities and keeping up with social media, but Sasha is struggling with only having me at home for company and this is something I'm working hard to find a solution for.

In the meantime, we have Halloween to look forward to. The girls are a bit old for this now really, but Sasha is still full of nostalgia about it despite having a love/hate relationship with it generally. We have done trick or treating in the past; for the first few years when she was old enough she was too scared for it but then it seemed as if she felt it was the 'done' thing to do, so she wanted to join in. She doesn't like sweets anyway, so it actually seemed a bit pointless! 

This year we might just pop out to see what houses have decorations, as that was what she enjoyed most I think. Sasha has actually created a full family schedule for that day which includes us all wearing Halloween clothes (but not costumes, there's a difference...), bobbing for apples (which we have never done before but suddenly seems to be a requirement), making and decorating cakes, carving pumpkins, gaming (Luigis Ghost Mansion as a minimum), a spooky disco, telling ghost stories etc. I'd love to hold a full party for her and invite some children her own age over, but she struggles so much with these kind of interactions and even more so when there's the added pressure of excitement of a special event. Anyhow, maybe next month I will have some Halloweeny siblings pics like this old one to share. Fingers crossed!
stephstwogirls in halloween outfits

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  1. I had to smile at the picture of the two of them hiding their faces. :)

    My son also has a bit of a love/hate relationship with Halloween. When he was younger we considered it a triumph for him to go up to houses, ring the bell, and say trick or treat. He grew to like it but now doesn't want anything to do with it. But he's getting too old for it anyway so perhaps it's for the best. Hope your Halloween with the girls go well!

    1. Thanks - I'm not sure we would do anything now if it wasn't for Sasha being excited about it!


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