Friday 11 March 2011

Flashback Friday... cringe! I'm feeling brave.... or crazy...

OK, so thanks to Southsea Mum and in an effort to make myself (and everyone else) laugh, here's my Flashback Friday pic...

I'm posting this to prove I was once slim, albeit in a very out-of-proportion long legs short top huge hips kind of way. I also had no fashion sense (although this was the 80s) and a very bad hairdresser.

I'm really not sure I should be posting this.... but I've done it on Facebook once already so go on, it'll prove again how crazy I am :)

Now if you can read on through your tears of laughter, here's another one I wanted to post, just for me really:

Following on from my mum and me theme last week, this is my nana (mum's mum) and me. I still miss her. Lots. But love remembering the happy times :)

If you want to join in Flashback Friday, go here to cafe bebe


  1. Those are two AMAZING and HILARIOUS pictures! You are a brave woman (and have a lovely figure). Do you still have the jumper? It rocks! ;)

    Thanks so much for taking part in #FlashbackFriday. Please come back again...


  2. Brilliant! I had a jumper just like that except mine was cerise pink instead of blue, lol! x

  3. Hey hot lady! :) Its nice to look back on these pics and at least we can say once I had a smoking hot bod :P


  4. YOu look great in your bikini! Didn't even notice th hair! Your nana looks lovely

  5. ohhhh i thought this rang a bell with me and i can see i commented! i agree with all that I said back in March last year (last year? thats flown by!) you look fab in a bikini x x

    1. I obviously hadn't cottoned on to how to reply to comments last year... sorry folks!!
      I DID look OK in a bikini... damn sight better than I do now sadly! Exercise starts again tomorrow...


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