Tuesday 22 March 2011

Statement - yes!

So right now I'm saying woo hoo woo hoo very quietly and skipping on the inside, as I've just spoken to the SEN Officer who has told me Sasha will be getting a Statement. Just hope I'm not celebrating and posting this too early, as I normally don't like counting chickens before they're hatched, but I wanted to capture down the relief I feel at getting this news right now.

Sure maybe the happiness will be shattered when I see the actual paper in a few days time, but I'll enjoy it for now. Sure this is not the end of the battles, but the biggest hurdle has been leaped and I'm actually so happy I could jump off a doll's house!

Yet to see what sort of support they are actually suggesting, so I'd best cut this short and hold my horses for now, but Yay!

(Sorry for all the cheesy 'sayings' too :) )


  1. Hi, totally understand the relief you are feeling.

  2. Well I'll join you in whispering "woohoo" and hope that soon it can be SHOUTED!!!!!


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