Monday 9 March 2015

#Danceathon #TeamHonk Red Nose Day 2015

WE DID IT!!! Six hours of non-stop dancing (apart from two quick loo breaks) at Wembley Arena, all in aid of Comic Relief.

Here's the proof; an action shot of me moving so fast that I'm blurry. 

Thanks Penny for that photo, and to Seasider In The City, Mums Do Travel and Being Mrs C (yes I do know their real names!) for being my dance buddies for that section and JustAnnieQPR for being my 'partner' in another dance. This photo was taken during the Strictly Ballroom session, which was around 5 hours in. A huge WELL DONE to all of the Team Honk participants, wish I could have spoken to every single one but there were just so many of us! 

We also romped through 70's disco, 80's anthems, 90's rave, Swag, Bashment, Musical Theatre, Funk, Diva Dancing, Pop, Michael Jackson songs and Sixties Soul. Phew! One of the best bits was the crowd of 2,000 learning how to do a Thriller dance routine and then performing it at the end of that section - that particular instructor was just amazing! I'm sure you'll be able to catch it on BBC iplayer later this week, and you don't even have to do the dancing..... alternatively, the actual Red Nose Day is on TV this Friday and I'm sure there'll be some clips of this event shown.

Top marks go to the celebrities who stayed on stage for the whole six hours too - Rufus Hound was just amazing, especially when one of the mics broke and he had us all 'Dad dancing'.

I must just give a special mention to Hotter Shoes too. They've not asked me to write this post, but they did very kindly sponsor me for the Danceathon, and they also provided a pair of shoes for the event. I have to tell you, there's not many shoes or trainers I would consider wearing for the first time to any sort of event like this, but I knew the Hotter ones would be so comfortable, and they totally were! No blisters, and it felt like I was bouncing on air the whole time. You can see the style I wore in the collage below (#shoesie!):

I'm still struggling to understand why there were NO Take That songs played at all during the day..... anybody who knows me would realise I could easily dance to TT for more than 6 hours though ;) Below is a little clip of just one of the songs/dances we did. I think you'll recognise it.....

And here's an official Comic Relief video:

All that's left to say is a really big THANK YOU to all those who sponsored me - I can hardly believe I got to a total of £570 on the day, or that the amazing collective of bloggers #TeamHonk raised over £29,000 between us, but we did! Just in case anybody forgot to add their pennies, here's the link again ;)