Friday 6 March 2015

Team Honk Red Nose Day #Danceathon

This weekend I will be boogying, at Wembley, for SIX hours non-stop. It's time for the Comic Relief Red Nose Day Danceathon and I will be proud to be there as a member of Team Honk.
Team Honk consists of bloggers from across the UK who come together annually to raise money for this great cause, spearheaded by the inspirational Penny, Annie and Tanya. You can read about all the amazing things they have done by checking out the Team Honk webpage.

I know I mentioned this Danceathon once before on my blog, but that was ages ago. Time has flown (can you believe it's March already?!) and the Danceathon is taking place in Wembley Arena THIS Sunday. 


So much for all that exercise and dancing I was going to do as training. I don't suppose there's much point dancing for six hours solid tomorrow, the day right before the actual event, just to prove that I can do it. Still, if all else fails, maybe we can just recreate the flashmob?!: Mad Blog Awards Flashmob.

We'll be dancing along to Jive, Swing, Street Dance, Hip Hop, Disco, Bhangra, West End Musicals and the best bit - 80s anthems!! There has GOT to be a bit of Take That in there somewhere... maybe Gary will even show up?!

So I've packed plasters for blisters and my #selfiestick in my bumbag (seriously) and have ironed my tutu and legwarmers (OK, I may be lying about the ironing bit), and I've even worked out our route to Wembley (no thanks to unhelpful tube cancellations on the day). I am READY!

The only thing left to do is to see if I can raise just a little more sponsorship money.... I don't like to harrass people for anything, but I do think SIX hours of dancing is worth just a little donation if you can.... money all goes to Comic Relief and their great projects in the UK and abroad.

Best bit of all of this is that you can follow at home by using your BBC red button - you may even get a glimpse of me dressed up and sweaty on your TV screen if you're really unlucky! More likely though, that you'll get to see some of the amazing Celebs who are leading the dancing - Davina, of course, plus Rufus Hound, Caroline Flack, Claudia Winkleman and some amazing cameos by people like Judy Murray, Jo Whiley, Rachel Riley, Emma Freud, Alex Jones, Arlene Phillips, Alijaz and Pascha and MORE!

Below are some facts about where your money will be spent:

£50 could pay for a girl, in a Kenyan slum, to do an apprenticeship + gain vital, life-changing skills and knowledge 
£20 = school uniforms for 2 street children in Ghana, so they can get the education they need 
£25 = a sport session for disadvantaged UK young people, keeping them safe & off the streets 
£30 = 15 elderly people, living with ‪#‎dementia‬ in the UK attending a weekly support session 
£15 = 6 mosquito nets, to protect 6 children in Uganda from contracting life-threatening malaria 
£50 = replacement care so a young carer can sit exams without worry about their loved one 

Thanks and Happy Dancing - even if it is in the comfort and safety of your own home!

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