Thursday 19 March 2015

Race For Life

I think I'm still in denial. Then again, this has happened, so I can't really hide it any more:

Yes, I've only gone and joined the #PinkArmy - also known as signing up for the Race For Life.

Following the success of my six hour danceathon for Comic Relief, I must have gone a little crazy. Someone suggested I sign up to run, and I did. RUN?! 

Let me tell you now, I am NOT a runner. Never have been. A few years back, after having two babies and deciding I needed to shift some extra weight, I visited a personal trainer once or twice who tried to convince me that running was the best thing for me. I protested, lots, but he made me run a mile once. I never went back to see him again.

Dancing is easy, and fun. Running is not. Simples. I know my good friend Steph (who blogs at Was This In The Plan?) would not agree with me... I think she's lost count of the number of marathons she has run! She's amazing. My younger brother is about to run his fifth London Marathon this year, but I'm not entirely sure he would say he likes running. He's just crazy too.

Anyhow, it's done now, and I'm telling you so that I can't back out. I'm also spreading the word in case there's anyone out there who would like to tag along with me at the back, whispering motivating and inspiring phrases (but expecting no reply). You can sign up too, at raceforlife.cancerresearchuk.orgI've got a special discount giving £2 off for the first 20 people who sign up using the code RFLSteph.

There's all sorts of fab merchandise - I have a hoody and a T-shirt already, but there's also jewellry and lots of other ways you can support Cancer Research UK. Just check out the website page.

I know I've only just finished fundraising for another very deserving charity, so I'm not going to push this (yet), but I do have to let you know that my fundraising page is at Every Little Helps as they say (ha, see what I did there? Sneaky mention for the sponsors...).

My motivation for all this includes an uncle of mine, my mum's youngest brother, who was taken from us far too soon at the very young age of 50. He was a fabulous, funny man, who is still dearly missed of course, and I think of those he left behind often. Other family members and friends have since been affected in different ways, and I'm doing it for all of them too.

My race will be at the end of July, so plenty of time to train; I decided to try the 5k for my first time around but there are longer distances on offer if you're feeling brave. What are you waiting for?!

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