Wednesday 18 March 2015

HOME the movie and products review

Last weekend we were invited along to the Premiere of the new Dreamworks film about to be released, called HOME.


It is an amazing animation; proof of that is that Sophie stayed in the cinema to watch the whole movie. That is nothing short of a miracle for a girl who struggles to maintain attention, and whose viewing is normally limited to short videos which she can skip through as and when she chooses. 

It was admittedly a gamble to take Sophie there as we'd never normally frequent the cinema, but I knew how much our older girl would enjoy it. So I was prepared to exit in a hurry with our youngest when necessary (I always have a plan B).

It was a 3D movie, and Sophie obviously struggled with the viewing in 3D, but after about 10 minutes she just removed the glasses and carried on watching anyway. I tried that myself, and some parts looked the same, but others looked slightly fuzzy, so I'm not sure how the whole experience was for Sophie! She suggested leaving half way through as I think the noise and sensory issues had become almost too much to bear, but she hung on in there and I was so pleased for Tilly's sake.

The film is a great feel-good animation with the usual morals behind it. I loved the fact that the lead girl (Pip) wasn't at all girlie and had a great attitude, and that the main alien (called Oh) was different, and not one to follow the crowd. Remind you of anyone?!

Before the show we walked the purple carpet where there was an amazing entertainer - SamSam the bubble man, who holds lots of world records apparently. The girls loved his giant nets; I'll admit to being slightly nervous as they darted around a very busy Leicester Square trying to pop the bubbles....

We had also been given some of the merchandise related to the film to review, and these products were all a big hit with the girls. We were particularly impressed with the Colour Changing Figures which change colour when you rub them; they're also great fun in the bath. Both girls wore their Boov (the name given to the race of aliens) Ears headband before we went into the cinema - you can twist the 'ears' into different styles according to your mood.

The favourite toy was probably the singing and dancing Oh, who 'put his hands in the air like I just do not care' - we have a little video of him in action for you here:

I've already seen these products out in the toy shops and they are very reasonably priced.

So it's a big thumbs up from us; hope you can get out there and see this fab movie very soon!

Disclosure: we were given tickets for the Premiere showing of HOME and a selection of related products to review for free. All opinions on these are our own.