Monday 30 March 2015

Fencing Success!

Over 5 years ago, I named my blog Steph's Two Girls because I was very conscious of the fact that both girls are equally important to me, and I didn't want all the focus to be on just one of them.
Gratuitous toddler photo of Steph's Two Girls ;)
I guess that having just received the diagnosis of autism for our younger girl, I instinctively knew that she would need my full attention in many ways, and that there would be many meetings and much talking about her ahead. I was adamant however that I didn't want our eldest girl to be forgotten, to only be the 'sibling'; she needs just as much attention.

Fast forward to now and whilst I review toys and blog about family outings with both girls, of course the majority of my 'serious' blog post writing is about autism and PDA (Pathological Demand Avoidance). This plays a big role in our eldest's life too, but it isn't her life as such, and as she gets older it's possible she won't want to be included in the blog at all.

Tonight though, I want to share how super proud we are of our 'big' girl. She has had just five lunchtime fencing sessions at school, and today she took part in her very first fencing competition.

She attacked, she jabbed, she stood her ground - an all round amazing effort from a girl who would generally be classed as quiet and sensitive. She cheered on her school mates, and her team of three won Silver medals! 

Sometimes it's the achievements you aren't expecting which mean the most.

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