Sunday 20 November 2016

Siblings ~ November 2016

So I'm a little late (as is often the case) with my Siblings photo this month, but I've been hanging out for a good natural opportunity rather than trying to set something up (with two girls who would then no doubt be super grumpy). 

stephs two girls siblings november 2016
I'm so pleased that I got this shot; we had a fantastic family outing today to the Van Hage Garden Centre in Amwell, where they have a real ice rink at this time of year. We had lots of fun skating there as a family in December and January last year, so it was good to go back - one of the few activities Sasha enjoys and agrees to leave the house for. 
sasha with xmas hat over eyes
One of Sasha's favourite 'funnies' - 'Who turned out the lights?' she likes to joke...
This time we attended a special needs skating session which was organised by a fab support group in this county (SPACE). This meant the music was down low, there were no flashing lights and there were about half the amount of people on the ice than there would be at a usual public session.
An extra bonus was knowing that everyone there had children with special needs, and so there would be no judging of behaviour, just a lot of parents in similar boats. Of course there are many other members of the public who are understanding and helpful in times of stress everyday, but just occasionally the odd person will pass comment so it's nice to know that won't happen. 
stephs two girls with dad
Sasha almost decided to go home after the first 10 minutes as she was finding getting back into the swing of skating pretty tricky (and so was mum, to be fair), but luckily our two girls had been in cahoots about how to push their dad over before we even got on the ice, and their running joke kept them going for the whole session. It was lovely to see them whispering together and winking theatrically at each other! 
stephstwogirls with mum
The ladies from the SPACE support group had arranged for Santa hats for everyone, and a goody bag for the children as they left. It takes a huge effort to arrange anything like this so I'd like them to know how much they are appreciated. Thanks also to Van Hage who agreed to run this special session - days out like this make all the difference to everyday routines and inspire us to make the effort to leave home more often.


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