Wednesday 15 November 2017

Siblings {November 2017}

Wow, can hardly believe it's November already (nearly Christmas, yay!) and as it's the middle of the month, it's time for our Siblings update.
Stephs Two Girls Siblings

Again, too many photos to choose from, so I'm including a collage at the bottom. We laughed so much doing this - the girls are pretty accepting now when I ask nicely if I can use my 'posh' camera and get them together once a month, but Sasha is still not a huge fan of doing it the sensible way. Life is for fun, remember?! 

Sasha has learned how to pose beautifully, but in the time in takes for the camera shutters to move (I think she can sense the inner workings!), she manages to pull a crazy face. Which is funny for the first, ooh, five times, and then we have to endure another 20. So this photo below is older sister trying to bribe her with some Minecraft playtime together if she will just sit and smile nicely. It usually works, eventually....
Stephs Two Girls siblings

It's been another busy month here of course, and for the first time ever, our eldest daughter took over my Facebook page to talk about what it's like for her to have an autistic sister. If you missed that, you can watch it here.

One of these days I will have to get around to doing a House Renovation update. We're getting there, slowly! Sofas on the way in the next couple of weeks, which will be interesting as one is a bright green colour. I thought teal was supposed to be blue, but apparently not, oops.

Anyhow here's the select few Siblings pics which made the final cut this month. Some are of Sasha alone as she was enjoying the silliness so much. Enjoy!
Stephs two girls siblings collage Nov 17

The Siblings Project - Dear Beautiful

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