Tuesday, 12 December 2017

Simba mattress review

There's been a lot of change going on at our house of late, and one of these days (after Christmas) I'll get around to a new Renovation update for any nosey folk out there. In the meantime, let me tell you about the Simba Hybrid mattress which we were sent to review.
Sasha with the rolled up Simba mattress

Recently, Sasha amazingly agreed to let her bunk beds go, in favour of a larger bed to spread all her toys out on. Choosing a mattress was a somewhat tense experience, which I wrote about over on my Facebook page.

I'd thought that the more choice there was, the better, and that Sasha would enjoy trying out every mattress in a big shop. Sadly that wasn't the case; there was a bit of a meltdown in store and we came home with no clear idea about what would suit her. 
Simba mattress box

So of course we were delighted to be offered the chance to test out the Simba mattress. Below is Sasha's happy unboxing of it with her Dad: 

The mattress came rolled up in a very compact box, which seems strange when you first see it. Once the mattress is out of the box and the packaging has been opened slightly, the air allows the mattress to pop up to its intended size. It then needs to rest for 3-5 hours, and can take up to 48 hours to completely settle, but you can sleep on it before then. Just remember it's preferable to unpack it in the morning!
Simba mattress in packaging

Simba mattress once expanded

The Simba mattress has a unique combination of 2,500 patented conical pocket springs and responsive memory foam. There are actually five layers - the top one is Simbatex', a comfort layer which gives cool, gentle support, then the spring layer, the memory foam layer, a support base and a hypoallergenic sleep surface for freshness and temperature control.
Simba mattress with leaflet

As you'll see in the video, Sasha definitely found it comfortable, and after a couple of nights of laying on it with her I'd agree! I love the fact that these mattresses are designed and manufactured in the UK, and that they don't need turning, just rotating. Delivery is included and can be next day for most places if an order is made before 5pm. The two man team will take it to your room of choice and will even take away your old mattress if you request it. The customer service aspect of buying a mattress like this is exceptional - you also get advance emails and texts with information about time of delivery, which is very helpful.

Even better, these mattresses come with a 100 day sleep trial; Simba will collect the mattress and refund if it is not suiting you. I'm fairly confident you'll be happy with it though...

So when was the last time you bought a new mattress? Well, I've got some great news - if you sign up with your email via this link http://fbuy.me/hi16T you will receive a code for £50 off a new Simba Hybrid mattress! Treat yourself for the New Year maybe?!

Merry Snooze-mas (see what I did there?!) 😄

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