Tuesday 13 March 2012

Angry Birds - still cool?

Are you looking for a different kind of Easter present? Maybe something to provide a laugh instead of piling on the pounds?!

Perfect for all ages from young to old (what other ages are there, I wonder??!), these Angry Birds plush toys could be right up your street. They are soft (the clue is in the name, plush...) and round. They also have sound chips in which are really authentic - you know that kind of gobbling, snuffling noise the pigs make, and that angry squawking and cheering coming from the birds? That's it.

Of course if you are not a techno-gadget type person, you may well have no idea what I'm talking about here. Well you should. Angry Birds is one of the hippest phone apps to be launched ever, and has provided countless hours, weeks, months of enjoyment for human beings everywhere. It has many different levels to keep you interested and has been updated regularly.

Both my daughters (4 and 6) have tried their hands at it many times, and so the eldest was thrilled to have one of these soft toys to review (soft toys are her thing, after all). I have to admit to having already bought the green pig for my husband a little while ago, so the red Angry Bird itself was a bonus. 'I LOVE it' she squealed, as she pressed the ear to produce the sound.

Now she's just got to think of a way to build an obstacle set up so the soft toys can be used 'in action'. Brilliant timing - have just seen on the television today that there is an actual game where you take card then build a structure to be knocked down - definitely on the birthday list for someone!

The range starts at just £3.99 for a backpack clip (very popular on school bags I believe...) and you can see the products online here: http://www.character-online.com/products/Angry-Birds/

So I would most definitely say 'Cool'. Enjoy!

Disclosure: we were sent the red plush Angry Bird for the purposes of this review


  1. Oh - thanks for this - You've just found Felix's next present. He just loves angry birds, especially the eagle - he's most cool!

    1. got to get the board game, think me and OH want it more than the girls!!

  2. Oh, very cool. Even my 12 yo would like these. He just bought the Angry Bird ear phones for himself!

    What a cool review to get...your street cred with your girls must be sky high!!

    xx Jazzy

    1. ah, sadly they don't know what street cred is...! but any soft toys are a bonus... :)

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