Thursday 1 March 2012

The Gallery: Friends

OMG HOW much time have I just wasted 'playing' with photos??! I could do this all day long, honestly. It's my stress reliever.

Anyhow, ta-da!

I think it was worth it. When I saw The Gallery theme this week was 'Friends', I just had to join in. Pics are of old and new friends, memories that have made me happy. Some not great quality, I'll admit, but I remember them and that's all that matters. Of course there's many more friends, and times which I just haven't got photos of, so apologies if you're not on here; it's nothing personal. Maybe one day I'll get around to doing this for all my photos!!

If you'd like to know more about The Gallery, and the lovely Tara over at Sticky Fingers blog, please click here. There are lots of amazing photos!

Now, must go and do the housework... preparing for some of those friends to come and stay tomorrow, yippee!

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