Sunday 18 March 2012

Toilet Training and Parents Evening.

OK, so today I'm going to cheat a little bit, as it is Mother's Day, so I've decided that's my prerogative.

I'd love to write a long post about how wonderful my weekend has been, but quite frankly I'm just too tired (happy exhaustion), so that will have to wait.

Instead, I'd like to urge you all to go and read the blog Life With An Autistic Son. Even if you think it won't apply to you... it will, it's all relevant and helps understanding. Plus B's Dad, who writes it, is funny.

Start by clicking on Toilet Training as it really is a very amusing post which I think will make you laugh.

But then please read Parents Evening, as B's Dad has seemed to sum up perfectly just how I feel about these events now I am a mum of a child with Special Needs. A major reason why I blog myself is that it is very cathartic to write our experiences down (a problem shared is a problem halved and all that...!), but in this case it's as if someone did it for me, thus saving me lots of time! Plus he put it so much better than I could have done.

So please, go on, pop over there now, it's easy just to click the link, honest.

Oh and while you're at it, could you please then come back and just click on this link NAS photo competition, which will take you to my photo of our 2 girls which is currently in a competition. You just need to click VOTE! You can vote on more than one device, and vote again every day until the competition ends. I'd be so grateful and I know the girls would be over the moon if we won!

Thank You. That is all.

(except to say I've just eaten a whole Fry's Orange Cream, and they are DE-licious)


  1. Hey I'm looking forward to reading all your news too, but thanks for sharing that funny blog :) And thanks for posting in Love All Blogs this week x

    1. Yes, he's a great writer I think! Always happy to share :) how often can we post in Love All Blogs? Think I need some prompts to remind me what to do when as far as blogging goes... too much else to remember!


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