Monday 5 March 2012

Another school trip. Kids these days, don't know they're born...

So today was a school trip day for our eldest. Her year group went off to the Science Museum in London, lucky things. I'd have liked to go too! Children these days, don't know they're born.....

Here's a lovely bus picture:

Today was much easier for me than when Sasha went to the zoo (you can read about my dilemmas then here). I could hang around the school gates taking photos with the other mums and wave off my over-excited daughter, rather than having to hide myself away. I knew that Tamsin would be fine and enjoy her day without any worries about tantrums, running off or upsets. Or so I thought.

When I collected Tamsin after school, she came out with her head hanging and said in a very small voice that she hadn't had any fun at all. Apparently the 3 other children in her group of four were having fun and laughing all the way back on the bus, but poor old Tamsin just couldn't find anything funny at all in what they were saying or doing, so couldn't join in and she felt like a real outsider. So she was feeling very sorry for herself by the time I got to her. I heard in brief what they did: 'we went to the launch pad, but that was boring. Then we ate our lunch in the basement. Then we did something else boring.'

Ho hum. Lately she has been worrying me a fair bit with comments about having no friends at all at school, and nobody understanding her. I'm putting it down to over-tiredness for now and really hoping she can get past it all.......


  1. Girls and friendships can be so hard. Both my daughters have had issues with friends, my youngest more so because of her aspergers. My eldest did eventually get through this stage and has gone on to develop friends but there was a time in primary school when I was really worried. Love the yellow bus by the way. Deb

    1. It is such a difficult one, especially if you veer more towards shy and sensitive rather than outgoing and adventurous! Just want to help but not sure how to - so thanks for comment, maybe it'll just iron out in time x


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