Sunday 15 March 2015

Siblings {March 2015}

Today we did something that I don't think we'll repeat any time soon. In fact, if I ever suggest it again, please feel free to shoot me.

Hamleys. On a Saturday afternoon. With a bunch of balloons tied to my shoulder bag (don't ask).

Anyhow, as it happens, it was the perfect opportunity to grab my Siblings photo for this month! So yay me.

I know the lighting is all wrong, but believe me, it was nothing short of a miracle that I managed to snap a pic with no-one else in the background. I mean, we were practically falling over people every way we turned in there. So I'll maybe try the staged shot for next month with my fancy new camera. This one, I'm ranking up there as one of our greatest achievements.

My next post contains pics which were also contenders for this month's siblings photo - yes, more than one shot on the same day! Another miracle. Fab day out all round.....

dear beautiful