Thursday 2 February 2012

The chilly London Zoo trip

So the London Zoo trip was a success! I'm so happy to be writing that, and grateful to the teachers for taking the time to make sure it worked out OK.

It was a lovely sunny day, although very VERY chilly, and Sasha was in good spirits in the morning - she was actually excited to be carrying her lunch in her (Dora) Backpack. I didn't hang around to see the bus off, as I thought that may unsettle Sasha, but a good friend sent me the following pic:

That's Sasha at the top left in the front!! I didn't ask the teachers to sit her there, but I'm glad they realised that was a good idea. She got on the bus happily and sat with a friend and I'm sure it made a difference to how the day went.

I haven't really heard from Sasha how the day went though - she fell asleep on the coach on the way back (they were swapped, so she was downstairs) and was very grumpy and upset when she was woken up (with some difficulty!). I had to spend the rest of the afternoon/evening cuddling her and being at her beck and call to avoid a major meltdown, and questions about the day were definitely frowned on. Even this morning when I asked if she had enjoyed the day, she said no. I asked if it was too much walking, and she said yes - and to be fair, the teachers have agreed they all walked a long way in the cold. I asked if she had seen the penguins, and she said no - her favourite word when she's not happy. I know from other mums that they actually watched a penguin show!! But I'm fine with that, the teachers have told me all went well, and I'm just so pleased she was able to go along and enjoy a 'normal' day out with her classmates.


  1. Hooray! I'm so glad it went well. Phew!

  2. I bet she had a lovely time. The whole school trip thing excites mine every time!

  3. Great that Sasha went on a school trip; hope there are more to come for her. Deb x

  4. That is so awesome!!! And we're watching Dora right now. That troll kinda bugs me.

  5. Thanks. It's the little things that make me happy. Apart from Dora, who drives me mad too! But actually to be fair she's been very helpful with Sasha's learning.... 'you're welcome' in an american accent goes down well here ;)


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