Friday 17 February 2012

Mums and Dads.

'Mummy I love you so much'.

Words that all mums would love to hear. Words that mean so much to me as I spent quite a while seriously considering that Sasha may never be able to say them to me, back when she was 2 and a half years old and we were given her diagnosis of autism.

She's come a long way since then; we all have. I'm so proud of her now, and when she said these words to me spontaneously tonight as we had our bedtime cuddle I felt like my heart might burst.

Words that all mums would love. So I sent them on to my mum (by text; we're all modern these days!) and I hope they cheered her up a bit.

I'm sure my mum would love to still be able to say them to her mum. My nana, who died 25 years ago today after a car accident. I still miss her lots too.

I've searched lots of photos but haven't found any recent ones of me with my girls, either separately or together, so that is this weekend's task!

Mums are wonderful people. Dads aren't too bad either Smiley


  1. That's lovely. words can't describe how special it feels to hear a new phrase but that 1 is the ultimate.

  2. Lovely post. I had to wait longer than most parents to hear those words and to get a hug. But now my son gives me quite a few hugs (on his terms) and says the words "I love my mummy" a lot. Well worth the wait.

    PS sorry to hear about your nan. Deb x

  3. Thanks. It was definitely a happy moment tonight! Nana is gone but not forgotten, an amazing lady who still cycled everywhere at the age of 79... x

  4. Aww, that is so sweet. And, I bet it is even more special because you never took for granted that she would ever be able to say it to you.


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