Tuesday 7 February 2012

What should Little Miss wear for Book Day?

Lots going on for me as usual at the moment. I'm on a 3 day course learning how to be a trainer so I can hopefully help other parents of children with special needs in the near future. Today we each had to do a presentation about some aspect of our lives, and I found the other 6 mums' presentations to be original and inspirational.

I used the following picture to describe Sasha:
I did have to point out that Little Misses Tiny, Tidy, Shy and Neat would probably not be the closest matches..... but in reality, on any given day Sasha can be all of the other ones individually or all rolled into one!

Book week at school this week brings with it the old faithful challenge of 'dressing up as your favourite character day' this Friday. Whilst I know it's not just me who struggles with this, and that there are plenty of other children of all ages who never want to do dressing up, I do feel my troubles are slightly different from the norm. Sasha is not a big fan of books, other than Dora (oooh, that's just given me an idea for a plea on facebook!!). The main trouble though, is that she won't really understand the suggestion. 

Here's how the conversation would most likely proceed:

Me: 'Sasha, on Friday you can dress up like a character from a book, all the children will be doing it. What would you like to wear for that?'
Sasha: 'No'. Or maybe 'uh?'.

Or maybe I'll be totally surprised and she'll say 'Little Miss Bossy'. Ha. Then what would I do?!

In some way though, asking the question of who she would like to be is a dangerous one.... if I sit down and explain very clearly, and she does actually understand the question, there is every chance that she would then pick a book out of the blue (say Dora) and expect me to be able to make her look EXACTLY like that picture -and nothing else would be good enough, leading to meltdown and school refusal. Most likely all of this needs to be done on the Friday morning before school too, as she's only just grasping time concepts still and forward planning is not an easy thing to understand (she gets that from her dad Smiley ). It's a very fine line to tread, and as of right now I still have no idea what I should try and persuade her is a good idea to wear.

Any suggestions on a postcard please!

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