Saturday 11 February 2012

How important is joining in?

So this week has been up and down, the usual roller coaster.

Sasha did agree to dress up for book character day on Friday, and she dressed as Dora (although as she kept saying, 'I'm not Dora, I'm Sasha'!).

When she left school for half term on Friday, she insisted that it's not just school holidays, but that the family should be going on a holiday somewhere.... erm, no. But she wasn't taking no for an answer, so I'll have to think of a quick mini trip for her this week!

On a personal level I hit the first hurdle with school which was quite upsetting but I'm sadly sure it won't be the last.

Today was the last day of the semester (American style term!) at Little Gym. All parents were invited in to watch and join in the 'Show' session this week. Sasha absolutely adores going to Little Gym, and the guys there have been so good with her - with all the children actually. All it takes is a little bit of understanding and flexibility, and that's how they are, so worth their weight in gold.

So the parents went in separately first, then each child was introduced into the room individually by doing a running jump over an obstacle. Sasha executed that brilliantly, and went and sat where she was supposed to, opposite the parents. The 'joining in' quickly stopped though, and Sasha stayed off to one side of the group, spinning around on her knees, oblivious to the fact that the others were all sitting still listening to the group leader.

At this point I did have tears in my eyes, but thankfully after five minutes (felt like much longer!) she was persuaded to join the group. That was largely because the assistant encouraged her rather than tried to insist she joined in. For a large part of the session Sasha joined in with a big smile on her face and had so much fun. Towards the end I needed to encourage her myself, and in fact carry her over the final obstacle and even take her medal for her, but it was still worth being there as I love to see her so happy.

Now let's see what half term brings.....!