Monday 27 February 2012

Listography - Fry's (yum yum) update

I just had to post this for all the lovely people who commented on my Top 5 Things That Make Me Happy post:

I was delighted to bump into this old sign at the weekend!

It was on the walls of this place:

and I'm hoping to post more about our whirlwind Wales trip soon. Keep watching!!


  1. Does that read the Brecon Mountain Railway? We've been on that; enjoyed it except for our son who was hyperactive and meltdowning at the time. Actually I remember the shop as well. I love Wales and would love another family holiday there before my eldest leaves home (sob). Deb

    1. Yes, it does! We were there... girls were tired but got through the trip OK knowing we would be driving home at the end of it...! I do love Wales too, family connections help. Hope you get a holiday there soon x


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